The obligatory “cake all over the face” picture on my first birthday. I love that even then, I had questions.

I'm remembering what it means to feel deeply, to extend trust, to love, and to be in a nurturing relationship with all beings and the earth. I’m learning a lot about healing frameworks, wisdom traditions, states and stages of consciousness and using them in my own life and in my work with others. In some ways it feels like I’m (finally?) growing up. In others, it feels like a deep remembrance of knowledge, habits, and ways of being that have just been hidden within me and us. 

I keep trying to hold more: not more stuff or work, but I keep trying to grow my capacity to be evermore in the both / and of life. It’s hard. So is practicing a story of interconnection while being a character in humanity’s current story of separation. But I do think it’s the path I’m meant to be on right now and it’s a path I’m eager to both join others who’ve traveled it for years already as well as invite others to join us. The challenges we face today are complex, interwoven, enormous, and urgent; we need as many people as possible working to approach solving them from a different lens than that which created them.

I’m a pretty serious person, but I don’t take myself seriously. I try to find the joy in this dance with life that’s currently mine to live.

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